I experienced numbness in my leg. Went to my doctor. Got and MRI. Went to a local chiropractor. Did some physical therapy. Nothing. After nearly five months of pretty intense pain, my daughter convinced me to give ART a shot. I saw Dr. Wilkens, and for the first time I found someone who listened to what I was saying. She asked questions. Her analysis was thoughtful, and she took the time to explain what she thought had happened. I saw her half a dozen times, but almost immediately I started to regain strength in my leg. The only thing I could attribute the improvement to was the ART. Slowly the numbness subsided. Even though I was improving, I saw Dr. Wilkens periodically to keep the ball rolling. Nerve damage takes a while to heal, but each month that passes, I feel better - something I frankly didn't think was ever going to happen. I am grateful to Dr. Wilkens for her expertise and her wonderful approach to care. Highly recommend. ~ Kevin N.
Able to walk without pain this morning! ~ Kris C.
First time having ART done and dry needling. It was definitely an experience made better by Dr. Kym's knowledge, thoughtfulness, and a nice relaxing atmosphere! ~ Jarod Z.
Magic hands! ~ Susan B.
I totally appreciated you going out of your way for me, and WOW do I feel like a new woman! Thank goodness for you and your kindness, especially as I know that was a time when for family too! ~ Megan C.
Wonderful first experience! ~ Kelly K.
Finally found relief for my shoulder pain. ~ Denise B.
Knows what she is doing. Professional. Good Communicator. Present. Dr. Kym Rocks it! ~ Penni H.
I am a new patient of Dr Kym and I met her for the first time yesterday at an appointment for pain I was having in different areas of my body. She massaged and manipulated the areas to give me relief of the pain I’d had for several months. I highly recommend her. She is very warm and friendly and has a wealth of knowledge and expertise from which to draw in her practice. ~ Karen B.
Kym really has a gift. I've had pain in my foot for months & she has found the problem and it's getting BETTER! ~ Deborah KC.
Kym is amazing. I was recovering from a shoulder injury from mountain biking and couldn't get beyond some of the lingering pain. She identified the root cause, and after only 2 sessions my shoulder feels better than it has in years. She really understands human physiology as the symptoms of my pain were in the pec and shoulder, but the root of the problem was in my trap. I cannot recommend Kym enough. ~ Kent H.
Immediately following my 1st visit I could stand straight up from sitting and my hip doesn't hurt, my heals don't hurt when walking. The most amazing thing is that I can climb more left foot left foot left foot going up stairs. I now can step up with my right foot without holding onto railing.....which i haven't been able to do since my surgeries. Kym is just so amazing and I am where I am because of her expertise. Thank you! ~ Vivian D.
Kym's healing hands fixed the worst nerve pain I have ever experienced in two visits. I always recommend Kym. ~ Katie K.
She was able to adjust my back in almost no time at all, and every other chiropractor I've been to hasn't been able to get it just right. But she can! ~ Kathleen L.
With just one visit I was able to use my knee with full function. I am still so impressed with Dr. kymberlee's amazing technique and knowledge. Thank you Dr. Kymberlee for your excellent practice. ~ Beau B.
Dr. Wilkens is kind and knowledgable...and she knows how to work with sports injuries! She has helped with an IT band issue, injured neck, and hip issues. Without her, I'm pretty sure I would not have finished a half-Ironman. I am grateful she's in Flagstaff! ~ Heather N.
Kym really knows her stuff! I noticed a difference the day after treatment. She is very professional and I felt comfortable in her office. I would recommend anyone who is in need of Active Release Tecniques. ~ Trina H.
I was able to move again a few hours after my appointment. So thankful! ~ Sara S.
I think this technique is exactly what I have needed for results, looking forward to future appointments and the results. ~ Helen H.
I like going to see Kym. I always feel better when I leave. ~ Linda G.
Kym is the best! While training for the 2011 Triathlon World Championships in Beijing, i suffered a foot injury which transformed into a very persistent and painful plantar fascitis issue. Since then, I have worked with numerous health care professionals across Canada and the USA (at least 6), i have tried orthotics, i have rested the foot for months - in fact - you name it, i tried it in an effort to get my foot 'functional' again. Then i met Kym. The foot was in pretty bad shape but in short order she had my foot fully functional again i could even walk barefoot or with sandals again (heaven forbid). The transformation in my foot, both from a pain and functional perspective was simply incredible. I can't say enough about Kym and her healing abilities. Kym receives my highest recommendation!!! ~ Bruce M.
Dr. Wilkens is very good at pinpointing a problem and making changes that have a lasting beneficial effect. ~ George K.
I came away from my appointment completely free of pain for the first time in almost two months. Thanks Dr. Kym and Chris. ~ Lynn F.
Kym is amazing. I know that after she spends time on whatever is ailing me, I'm guaranteed to feel better. ~ Jill U.