Pregnancy & Birth

We have found a real treasure in our community for pregnancy chiropractic care. We have referred dozens of our pregnant moms (and babies) to Dr. Kym Wilkens to improve both pregnancy and birth outcomes. Her care is gentle and effective! Thank you Kym!

Mary Ann Baul, LM, RN, CPM
Womancare Midwifery Center, LLC

My time with Dr. Wilkens during my third trimester of pregnancy helped me be able to keep walking! My ligaments were so loose that my sacrum kept misaligning, causing me to have intense shooting pains and limited mobility. Kym’s gentle yet powerful touch felt so amazing and put me back together. I believe it also helped my pelvis move smoothly during labor. I am so grateful to have her in our community! – M. Mouritz

Kym is such a skilled practitioner. I fully believe in her ability to heal, and often refer friends. Kym help me remain aligned and pain-free through two pregnancies, and helped my body come back together after my pregnancies. And I fully credit her for a quick labor and easy, unmedicated delivery. Thanks Kym! – Katie K

I was helped during two of my pregnancies by Kym. She relieved the sciatica I experienced during my third trimester and made me feel GREAT! I was able to enjoy pregnancy and be active with my other kiddos thanks to her. — Amber Welsch, Mother of Pilar, Jack and Odette

When my little girl was born, she had a crooked neck.  Kym was so great with my newborn baby, and fixed her little tendon that was too short on one side.  Always grateful! — Bridget

Dr. Kym Wilkens is an incredible chiropractor.  Her prenatal care is wonderful – I’m convinced that one of the reasons I had such an easy birth was because of her knowledge & professional care.  She always makes time to see me and knows how best to treat all of my needs.  She’s a treasure of Flagstaff – hands down! We Love You!  — Rosie P.

YOU are awesome…!  As I told you this morning, I can now get up and walk without limping or easing into it.  I thought my 3rd trimesterpelvic pain was just something I had to deal with.  After being adjusted by you, though, I feel SO much better!!   E. Kessenich – Happy Momma

During my pregnancy, my lower back was really suffering.  Dr. Wilkens provided much needed relief with her perceptive, intuitive, and skilled approach.  She really listened to me and my body’s needs while educating me about why I felt as I did.  The night before my due date, Dr.  Wilkens gave me a ‘kickoff’ adjustment.  I wanted the best alignment and relief for my baby’s upcoming natural birth.  She knew just what to do, as we welcomed my precious baby into the world the very next day!  Kym, thank you for helping me to have the perfect birthing experience – there could be no greater gift! – J. Lancaster