5 Stars -Kym is fan-freaking-tastic. I have persistent hamstring issues, and every time I walk into her office, I know I will walk out ready to crush pretty much anything thrown my way.  I’m convinced she is a miracle worker. Thanks Kym for keeping me healthy!!  Nick Hilton (elite runner and recent Olympic half marathon trials qualifier)

Kym, Thanks so much for working your magic to keep me going! Janet Cherobon-Bawcom (Olympian, elite runner)

Far from the elite athletes that Dr. Wilkens usually works with, I started running the year that I turned forty. Kym helped me overcome an IT band injury so I could participate in my first Imogene Pass Run in 2012.  Her techniques, her expertise, and her gentle encouragement gave me the confidence and ability to go for something that I wasn’t sure I could do.  Kym has helped me tremendously as I continue my running journey, and I give her a lot of the credit for my ability to persevere through pain and recover from injury.  Not only does she work with elite athletes, Dr. Wilkens also helps the everyday runner meet his or her goals, whatever they may be.  Cristy Zeller (runner)

This is the first whole year injury free for me. In college I couldn’t make it 3 weeks! Thanks for being such a great resource, keeping me healthy and caring so much about your patients.  Annika Braun (elite runner)