Headache free for the first time in three years! Nothing helped my chronic headaches until Kym found “the spot” on my scalp! ART treatments are my lifesaver – my life is forever changed for the BEST! Thanks Dr. Kym!” — Kate Watkins

Kym, I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for your healing touch! A few years ago I came to see you for my TMJ. It was very severe. It was painful to open my mouth, causing headaches, and making it difficult to chew. After a few treatments with you my pain was completely gone and my jaw was functioning normally! And, thanks to the techniques you taught me, I am able to immediately treat myself at home when I feel it flaring up. Forever grateful, P. Wells

Hi, Kym. Your treatment on Tuesday seems to have really helped; it’s about 90% better, in that I am still aware of a little nerve activity in that area, but it is pretty minimal. Thank you so much! — Ann W

My mid & low back felt GREAT today!  Thank you!  I have a pep in my step :)) — Krista 

Wilkens Chiropractic is second to none! I had heard a lot of good things about Wilkens Chiropractic and I thought I would give them a try. Kym’s gentle approach is what my body responded to and she had me feeling better and I was back doing what I love in no time. My body does not respond to traditional Chiropractic adjustments and treatment. I’m very active and a while back I did something to my back that seemed like I was going to be in for a long, long recovery or even maybe if I was going to ever be the same again. I did not want to get pain killers just to mask the pain and not to try to fix what was wrong. I was hurting big time and could hardly move. Wilkens Chiropractic has a welcoming, friendly, family atmosphere and Kym’s knowledgeable, gentle approach is what got me back to normal so quickly. I have had zero reoccurring issue with the problem in my back that I had. Simply Amazing!  –  Thanks Kym,  Lee J Schuster

Dr. Kym Wilkens has been extremely instrumental in such positive treatment, and pain relief, for my chronic pain from years of driving. Her knowledge blows me away and her technique works!!  Deb G-L

Thanks Kym, 100x better. You’re a miracle worker!  Evan R.

I thought it would take multiple visits to feel this good. Why did I wait so long?  Thank you! I feel like a new person!  Krista B.

Just wanted to let you know that I have felt great since I left today. Thank you so much for working your magic.   Love…Deana

Dear Kym…my knee is fine, no pain at all.  You’re a genius!  best, dw

I have had back pain spasms & knots for over 20yrs. I have tried physical therapy, acupuncture, massage, medicines of various types and everything else on the market.  I was referred to Kym by a friend of mine for A.R.T about 6mnths ago.  A.R.T. fixed my back within about 3weeks and with continued work, knots that have plaqued me for 20+yrs are gone!!! The physical relief from years of pain is truly amazing!! Kym, Jessica and Chris are kind hearted and wonderful to work with and I wouldn’t go back to any other therapy after experiencing A.R.T!!! — Kelly Beth A.

Thanks Kym!  You ROCK! =) — Amy D.

I was told 1.5 yrs ago that I needed back surgery right away.  I started coming to Kym and I am now able to run.  I just keep getting better!  — Maryann V.

Kym’s adjustments and Jessica’s massage are profoundly healing! I always leave feeling centered, restored and happy. — Barbara S

I have found Wilkens Chiropractic to be a great positive experience. I feel better physically and they promote a warm family atmosphere that is hard to find anywhere else.  Great experience all around. – Jerry A.

I didn’t realize how much I was hurting until you cracked me back intoplace.  The warm-up, the adjustment, and the Bio-freeze – I went to work and just felt relaxed and great!  Thank you SO much. You truly healed me.  I’ll pass the word…..    C.Bosselmann – Resort General Manager 

I had been having back and neck pain for the last several months, but I was always too scared to go to the chiropractor to do anything about it. Then I finally went and saw Kym and it was more like a day at the spa than a doctor’s appointment! I left feeling like a whole new person. My posture improved and I felt like I could actually move my shoulders, it was amazing!   H.Trimble – Director of Admissions

I tried (4) chiropractors before I found Kym Wilkens. She really listened to my problems, did research on possible explanations for my injury, and shared her reasoning with me. She actively engages me as a partner in the healing process.  She was the only chiropractor to suggest Assisted Release Technique, which brought incredible results.  P. Beier – NAU Professor

“just wanted to say thanks for the adjustment today, it was very nice and about 1000 times better than the last (chiropractor) that I went to. I look forward to the next adjustment…”  – A. Weiss

I just want to say thank you! I can completely tell a difference with my range of motion while driving.  – A. Swanson

The combination of therapeutic massage and gentle chiropractic relieved me of chronic neck pain and stiffness I have had for over 15 years.  This is the most effective treatment I have had, and I feel like a new person.  – K Cobb

I first experienced Dr. Wilkens while she was still attending Palmer West Chiropractic College.  Although I had previously been treated by at least a dozen Chiropractors across the U.S., she was the first to give me a complete physical exam prior to treatment.  During each step of my exam she thoroughly explained what she was doing, why she was doing it and what the outcome was – by doing so she gained my complete trust and respect.  Her total commitment to my understanding and care during that first treatment still continues today – almost a decade later.  Although I currently reside over 1300 miles from Dr. Wilkens, she is the only Chiropractor I entrust with my health and well being.  Her gentle, thoughtful, experienced and always beneficial care is worth my monthly visits for adjustments.  From my experience, she is the best!  Without reservation I would recommend her to anyone. – C. Ward