Kym really has a gift. I’ve had pain in my foot for months & she has found the problem and it’s getting BETTER! DKC

Our club soccer team is blessed to have Dr Kym as a team parent. Countless times, I have watch her treat injured players on the sidelines and get them right back into the game fast and pain free. At our last tournament, her calm presence, skilled touch and knowledge worked MAGIC with one of our boys. She assessed the injured player and gently and thoroughly examined his knee to fully understand the injury he endured. She suggested, before rushing him to the emergency room as the tournament’s athletic trainer suggested, to give it a little time and some ART treatment. She felt confident it was something she could manipulate back into place, without too much invasive intervention. Once back at the hotel, she encouraged the player to explore his knee mobility while she gently manipulated the painful area. She helped the player relax into the injury, giving him a detailed description as to what she felt the issue was. This way the boy could connect to his own injury and be part of the recovery process by trusting his body and with her professional and guided touch, I witnessed her remarkable work take this player from extremely high pain and no bend in the knee to full mobility within a couple hours. I witnessed how she communicated gently and clearly while working with the player. This helped to ease his mind, thus allowing his body to receive the healing and overcome fear that surfaces with painful injury. Kym is not only kind, calm, cool and collected, she knows the body’s anatomy and how to work mentally and physicallly with an injured athlete. The player returned to the field the next day able to play full out (SEE CLIP HERE:SCDS). What a miracle! Kym is a blessing to our team and community, not only as a dedicated parent but a highly trained practitioner. JP SCDS Manager

The Doctor is phenomenal! M.C.

Kym is amazing. I was recovering from a shoulder injury from mountain biking and couldn’t get beyond some of the lingering pain. She identified the root cause, and after only 2 sessions my shoulder feels better than it has in years. She really understands human physiology as the symptoms of my pain were in the pec and shoulder, but the root of the problem was in my trap. I cannot recommend Kym enough. K.H.